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A Letter from Buck & Véronique

Bonjour depuis nos belles montagnes du Montana! Howdy from our gorgeous mountains of Montana!

We’re a friendly French and American couple, full of joy at the thought of becoming first-time parents through the blessing of adoption. We look forward to sharing our love for the Lord, family, nature, exploration, games, creativity, and our dual citizenship and languages with your child(ren). Please know we hold you in our hearts and prayers, and would be open to getting to know you and having an ongoing relationship, if you’d like.

Who We Are

We live in wide open and peaceful Montana. The love of God has transformed us and we delight in loving and helping people. Buck is a plant operator and an emergency medical responder at work. Véronique has a degree in civil engineering and is trained in adult/infant CPR. She loves being a homemaker, seeing our house is a warm and cozy haven.

Together we enjoy exploring new places, going for walks, picnicking, hiking, playing games, reading, learning, woodworking, and cooking. We love being handy and have been renovating our house. We’ve grown to be a great team combining our skills and experiences.

We are so ready to welcome your child(ren) into our family and take them hiking, camping, and traveling within the US and France. Together, we will very much enjoy reading stories, playing games, watching fun movies, and playing musical instruments. Your child(ren) will be encouraged and supported in their gifts and talents, passions, and destiny.

My wife, Véronique

Véronique naturally connects with children and can make a fun game out of anything, even a daily task or eating vegetables. She is a teacher at heart with a loving, gentle way of encouraging others in their talents and dreams. As a French and American citizen, she is fluent in both languages. She enjoys walking in our beautiful valley and relaxes while playing her guitar and reading inspiring stories.

With Véronique, your child(ren) will fry crepes, make crafts and speak French. I also can see them having costume parties, doing creative games, and learning about other cultures and nations. I know she will be such a marvelous and nurturing mom to your child(ren).

My husband, Buck

Buck is a gentleman with a heart of compassion who cares for anyone in need. He is a very hard worker and an excellent provider. He is handy with tools and loves learning new skills. He is truly gifted at playing with and caring for children, including infants. He enjoys researching and learning about history and nature and relaxes by hiking in our gorgeous mountains and planting his vegetable garden.

With Buck, your child(ren) will go exploring, fishing and hunting, play ball, and learn much about animals. He will as well show them how to garden and become confident with tools around the house. He will be an awesome, loving, caring, and fun dad to your child(ren).

Our Home in Montana

We live in a 3 bedroom log house, on 1 acre of land that is located in a small town. We are nestled in a beautiful valley, surrounded by amazing mountains and plenty of hiking and walking trails. Our yard is great for playing games. The school playground is around the corner with swings, slides, a softball field, and is perfect for learning to ride bikes and also play basketball.

We already have the nursery prepared and have made it to be inviting, playful, comfortable, and restful for your child(ren).

Our cat, Kitto, is so gentle, smart, and loving. She is very fun to play and cuddle with.

Our Family & Church

Our extended family is very excited and supportive of our adoption. We enjoy getting together and sharing family meals, as well as playing all kinds of games. Véronique’s family lives in France and we love visiting them every few years. They look forward to introducing your child(ren) to local goodies and fun places to visit.

Our churches here and in France are truly second families to us. Our pastors are so caring and welcome children warmly. Both have programs where kids have fun learning more about the love of God and playing together.

Our Promise to You

We promise you, with all our hearts, that we will love and cherish, treasure, and nurture your child(ren) as our very own. We will do everything possible to provide him, her or them with opportunities, encouragement, and support to grow into a fulfilled and mature adult.

We will share with your child(ren) their amazing story and your love. We would like you to know that you will always be loved and respected in our family. As long as you desire, we will send you letters and pictures as well as enjoy visits if you choose to.

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784. Thank you for sharing this time with us.

With all our love, Buck & Véronique

Learn More About Buck & Véronique

  Buck Véronique
Our EducationSome College and an on-going training in EMR (emergency medical response)Associate degree in Civil Engineering and adult/infant CPR certificate
Our ProfessionsPlant operator and emergency medical responder at workHomemaker
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian (American)Caucasian (French)
Some of Buck & Véronique's Favorites
EnjoyingResearching nutrition & how-tosMaking things beautiful
Relaxation Exploring our gorgeous mountains Walking in our beautiful valley
NatureMontana moose & aspen treesLilies &; petunias flowers
ActivityGardening & yard beautification, hikingHosting family & friends, swimming
Musical instrumentsPlaying the drums and the cajonePlaying the guitar
ColorsBlue & greenGreen & purple
Comfort in our faithBelieving God for the impossibleSeeing God answering prayers
More About Our Family
What we value

We support EDUCATION like going to college and learning foreign languages.
We cherish LOVE like sharing goodies with neighbors.
We treasure THE BIBLE and the encouragement, comfort, wisdom and protection it offers along with challenging us to be kind and generous.
We enjoy HUMOR in laughing and playing together and with others.
We encourage GIFTS and TALENTS like playing musical instruments and acting.
We promote CREATIVITY and BOLDNESS like doing woodwork along with BEING HANDY like fixing something broken.
And so much more.


We love to travel and see our families and friends - both near and far.
Your child(ren) will naturally grow up being fluent in English and French, and also receive an American passport and a French passport, giving them even more opportunities in life.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...

Newborn to 12 months old


Yes, absolutely!


Either gender

Sibling Group

Yes, Up to 1 year old

In Closing

Thank you for watching this snapshot of our lives. We are so excited and ready to be a loving, caring, and fun family for your child(ren) and join our desires with yours in seeing the best unfold in his, her, or their lives. We are also here for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We hold you in our hearts and prayers.

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