A Letter from Harold & Jasmine

Hello! We are Harold & Jasmine, and we are hoping to adopt our first child! We love family traditions, traveling, and visiting our family. Our commitment to parenthood is rooted in unwavering love, faith, stability, and an environment that fosters growth. Our home is filled with warmth, laughter, forgiveness, and a genuine dedication to ensuring our child flourishes under our care. We would be honored to be selected by you and are open to keeping in contact with updates, photos, letters and yearly visits.

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About Us

We are a couple brought together by fate, our love story intertwining through shared passions and a deep connection that transcends time. Our journey began when we met at college in 2007 as members of our respective Greek Organizations. We quickly became friends and kept in touch after graduation; a few years later we got married after Jasmine relocated to Northern VA and have been married for 8 years. We enjoy hanging out at home playing games, watching movies, trying new foods, and volunteering in our local community.

For years, we knew we wanted to have a child of our own. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts, we have been unsuccessful having biological children. Adoption is the best option for us and one we want to pursue. Adoption is very personal to us because Jasmine was adopted at an early age and raised by two loving parents. She knows how adoption saved her life and molded her into the person that she is today.

About Jasmine

Harold says: Jasmine is a loving, loyal, and beautiful soul who has natural motherly instincts. She will lend a helping hand whenever needed and supports you unconditionally because she has a heart full of compassion. She is strong in her faith and keeps God first in her life. She serves at our church and is a Team Lead in the nursery ministry. Children are her passion, and she has always wanted to be a mother. Jasmine is a free spirit who enjoys having fun and making people laugh. She is an entertainer whose laughter echoes throughout our home and expresses joy even in the simplest moments. Jasmine loves to create and make stuff by hand, baking, and anything that deals with music. She sings, dances, and played in the marching band in high school. Jasmine is a great role model for her teenage nieces because they can see a strong successful woman who is not afraid to be herself. 

Jasmine is a Chiropractor and active in her sorority. She has given so much to her career and the community but is now ready to put that energy into being a mother. She embodies qualities that make her not only my better half, but a beacon of love for our future family.  In her free time, she serves the local community at soup kitchens, participates in the St. Jude and March of Dimes Walks, exercises, watches Hallmark, tends to her garden, and makes crafts with her Cricut machine.

About Harold

Jasmine says: Harold is a strong, calm, and kind man who makes sure that he puts others’ needs before his own. He is a person that is very reliable and will drop anything to help someone else. He has a strong faith and is a mentor to those around him. Harold is very fun, competitive, and a Dallas Cowboys Super fan. Harold has been a father figure to his cousin’s sons as their dad was not in their lives growing up. 

Harold is a Physical Scientist which gives him great flexibility to work from home, and he also teaches Organic Chemistry part-time at the local university. It was important for him to pick careers that allowed flexibility for family expansion and also provide our family with stability. In Harold’s spare time he gives back to the community, works out, loves to cook and watch sports, and spends quality time with his family. 

Our Family

We are blessed to have a huge support system from Virginia to Connecticut. We split time between both of our families by alternating holiday trips to VA Beach and Bloomfield, CT. We attend special events, summer cookouts, and family vacations. Our parents come to our home during Thanksgiving and Christmas where we play games, cook, and fellowship. Both families are very supportive and excited about us adding a new addition to the family! 

We also have an extended family that includes our church family, as well as our fraternity and sorority families! They are our brothers and sisters who love us and help us whenever needed. We spend a lot of time with them and their families doing various activities. They are also a part of our family structure and are also excited to be the extended village to the new addition to our family.

Our dog, Klay, adds a lot of fun to our family too!

Our Home in Virginia

We currently live in a 3-story townhouse in Northern VA near parks, malls, historic landmarks, and plenty of child friendly places. We spend time grilling on our deck and taking walks through our neighborhood with our little dog. We love to host friends over for dinners, birthday parties, and other special events throughout the year.

We live in a friendly, culturally diverse neighborhood full of kids. Within our community we have large community centers, pools, basketball and tennis courts, and playgrounds. Our home is the ideal location to raise a family. There is plenty to do in the Northern VA area as we are located between Washington, DC and the Shenandoah Valley.


Our Promise to You

Our promise is to be steadfast, supportive, and compassionate parents. We pledge to create a home where your child feels cherished, encouraged to dream big, and empowered to become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to also continue to share in your life so that your child knows that his/her family is a large village grounded in love. Our journey into parenthood is guided by love, respect, and an unyielding commitment to nurturing a bright and joy-filled future.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Harold & Jasmine

  Harold Jasmine
Our EducationDoctorate of Philosophy Doctorate of Chiropractic
Our ProfessionsPhysical Scientist Chiropractor
Stay-At-HomePart-time--work from HomeNo
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican American African American
Some of Harold & Jasmine 's Favorites
FoodPizzaFried Chicken
Holidays ChristmasChristmas & Easter
Childhood MovieBatman Santa Clause
Vacation SpotsCharleston, South Carolina Disney World
HobbiesWatching & Playing SportsSinging & Crafting
Subject in SchoolScience & HIstoryBiology & Band
Animal LionElephant
More About Our Family
Our Traditions

Our family traditions are the heartbeat of our home, weaving a tapestry of joy and togetherness. From traveling to visiting cherished family members to the delight of wearing matching holiday pajamas or making personalized Easter baskets, our home comes alive with warmth and festive spirit. Every season brings a burst of creativity as we joyfully decorate our space, creating an environment of love and celebration. In the summers we take vacations and do cookouts, creating memories that last a lifetime. Our commitment to these traditions reflects our desire to build a home filled with love, laughter, and a sense of belonging for any child who becomes a part of our family.

Our Faith

At the core of our lives, providing a strong foundation that shapes our values and guides our actions, is our faith. As devoted Christians, we find strength and inspiration in our shared love for the Lord. Regularly attending church is not just a practice for us; it's a source of community, support, and a reminder of the profound importance of love, compassion, and faith in our lives. Our commitment to raising a child within the teachings of our Christian faith is unwavering, as we believe in instilling strong moral values and a deep sense of purpose in their journey through life.

Our Musical Interest

We love all types of music, but our favorites are Gospel and R&B. Singing and music are Jasmine’s passion since she grew up in the choir. She can make a song out of anything. She always tries to recruit Klay (our dog) and Harold as her backup singers. We love to attend concerts and musicals when our favorite artist come to town.

About Our Dog

Meet our beloved furry family member – an affectionate Maltipoo named Klay. His joyous spirit adds an extra layer of love to our home. Klay finds delight in daily walks, eagerly hopping into the car for rides, and spreading joy through playful interactions with children. From daily naps to the excitement of treats, Klay not only brings joy into our lives, but also creates a warm and welcoming environment for any child who joins our family. His unconditional love and playful antics make him an integral part of our family, promising a loyal and gentle companion for our future little one.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-5 years old





In Closing

We are a loving couple with a deep commitment to family, faith, and shared traditions. Choosing us as adoptive parents means embracing a home filled with unwavering love, laughter, the promise of a bright future, and a promise to include your legacy as a part of their heritage . We eagerly anticipate the privilege of welcoming your child into our hearts and home, and promise to provide a nurturing environment where your child can flourish under a solid foundation.

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