A Letter from Shane & Jodie

Hello from South Carolina! We are Shane, Jodie, and our daughter, Quinley. Although we can no longer have children, we have so much more love to offer and are thrilled to grow our family. Our daughter is so excited to welcome a sibling into our home! We each have flexible jobs and enjoy spending a lot of time with family and friends outdoors and playing lots of games. We are so excited to adopt and both sides of our family are thrilled to love our next child.

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About Us

We have been married for 8 years and actually met online! We began talking on the phone and had many video calls with each other before finally meeting in person and it all clicked! 2 years after getting married, we had our daughter, Quinley! Though Jodie can no longer have children, adoption has always been discussed, and we are thrilled to now grow our family in this way. We enjoy playing lots of card games such as Aggravation and Phase 10 as well as challenging each other in sports games. We love being outside camping and swimming and also love staying in and watching funny movies or science fiction shows while eating popcorn. We have a corgi, Cooper, who is 12 and loves going on walks, chasing after his toys, and laying around waiting on a belly rub.

We’re excited to share our love of the outdoors and sports with your child such as camping, teaching them how to kick a soccer ball, and how to swim.

About Jodie

Jodie is smart, strong and independent. She is a very hard worker and an amazing wife and mother. She is always very focused on others and very loving. She is a Speech-Language Pathologist and works at a private practice with kids as young as 1 up to adults. She loves helping people find a way to communicate. She is often found playing putt putt and going to the beach with her family. Her hobbies include: reading, playing games such as Phase 10, Aggravation, and Corn Hole. She also loves the UT Vols, baking chocolate chip cookies, playing basketball/volleyball, swimming, and kayaking.

She is looking forward to being able to read fairytales at bedtime and teach your child how to dribble their first basketball.

About Shane

Shane is very easy-going and fun. He loves to keep us laughing. He is such an amazing dad to our daughter and is always making sure to take care of us. He can often be found taking Quinley swimming, and teaching her how to ride a bike or skate. Shane is a government police officer that works on a military base. He enjoys that he is there to help keep others safe. Shane enjoys playing any type of game whether that be board games like Ticket to Ride or doing a puzzle and outdoor games such as corn hole. He also enjoys playing and watching soccer, all things Green Bay Packers, being outdoors swimming/kayaking/camping/riding a bike.

Shane is looking forward to sharing his love of the outdoors by teaching your child how to ride a bike, play soccer, and swim.

Our Daughter and Family

Our daughter, Quinley, is 6 years old and loves sports and gymnastics. We love being an active family and enjoy playing board games together often. She has been excitedly waiting for a brother or sister and is excited to love on them and often tells us she cannot wait to show them the playground and color them pictures.

Our families are both extremely thrilled for us to adopt and are excited to include our next child in cousin sleepovers, swim parties, and family game nights. Holidays are always fun with tons of family time with everyone as well as annual family reunions!

Jodie’s parents are in the process of moving to South Carolina to be near us and we’re all so happy to be close. We see family in Tennessee about every 6 weeks or so, including Jodie’s married sister and their 2 adult kids, as they come to visit or we go to visit them. There are lots of cousins there and aunts/uncles.
Shane’s parents are also in the process of moving closer to us and we look forward to visiting more often! Shane has 2 sisters and a brother who are all married. Two families live in Florida and one lives in Indiana. We have 4 nephews and 1 niece and we love to see them as often as we can.

Our Home in South Carolina

Our new home was built in 2021 and it has 4 bedrooms and a large bonus room. Our bonus room is where we keep lots of toys and a large couch for watching movies and hanging out together as a family and playing games. We have a living room and eat-in kitchen that is open and with plenty of space for family get-togethers. We have a bedroom downstairs for guests and, upstairs, we have all the other bedrooms- including one for your child all set up and ready. We also have a small patio in the back, a large front porch, and a fenced-in yard. We have walking/biking trails, a soccer field across the street, a YMCA, a community pool, and lots of ponds to fish or kayak. We love that our neighborhood has so many activities!

Our Promise

We promise to love your child with all of our hearts, to support them always, and make sure they grow up knowing the fun that comes with having lots of cousins and a large family who loves them. They will grow up with a good private school education and have lots of support from us, our extended family, and friends in whatever endeavors they want to pursue. We are most looking forward to having our family feel more complete, showing them God’s love, and teaching them all of the games we love to play.

We will make sure that your child knows your strength and love. We are always open to calls/texts/sending pictures, as well as meetings if that is what you would like.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Shane & Jodie

  Shane Jodie
Our EducationSome College/MilitaryMaster's Degree
Our ProfessionsDepartment of Air Force Police OfficerSpeech Language Pathologist
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Shane & Jodie's Favorites
FoodMac N CheeseTacos
TeamGreen Bay PackersTennessee Vols
ColorGreenMint Green or aqua
HobbiesCamping and playing soccerReading and Playing board Games
SeasonFallFall when it is time for sweaters and bonfires
Dream vacationScotland/IrelandScotland or Greece
More About Our Family
Our typical weekend

We love being together on the weekends. We normally have a sport activity that we attend with our daughter on Saturday mornings and then head to the beach for some fun for the afternoon. If we are not at the beach, we can often be found with family/grandparents cooking out or playing games together. On Sundays, we head to church in the morning and then go out to eat or cook a big meal at home. In the summer, we may head to the pool or play outside/ride bikes in the afternoon.

Our Faith

Our faith is very important to us and we attend an interdenominational Christian church that is also the school where our daughter and future children attend school.

Our Children

We have one daughter who just finished kindergarten. She is so excited to have a baby brother or sister and prays for one often. She loves playing sports, gymnastics, swimming, and drawing. She is such a big helper and wants to help take care of everyone.

3 things we love about where we live

1. We love all of the outdoor activities we have such as close to the beach and lakes as well as walking trails in our neighborhood.

2. Our neighborhood has tons of kids outside playing and riding bikes to the neighborhood play areas and pool as well as the neighborhood activities of food trucks on Tuesday/Friday and special holiday events.

3. Our neighborhood YMCA is within walking distance and we enjoy all of the sports activities that are offered for kids and adults.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We would love to adopt a newborn to 4-year-old.


We are open to twins and would love that experience.


We are open to either gender.

Sibling Group

We are open to sibling groups with the oldest up to 4 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us. We're so excited to go through the adoption journey and grow our family with you. We respect you so much and would love to discuss your desired level of contact. Our daughter cannot wait for a brother or sister and we are so excited to read them all the fairytales at bedtime and teach your child things like how to play sports, bake chocolate chip cookies, and ride a bike.

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