No, it can’t be…How will I tell my parents?
What will my boyfriend say?
I’m too young to be pregnant… I’m too young to make these decisions!

Are you struggling with these or similar thoughts? Have you just learned you are pregnant? Have you been hiding a pregnancy for a while?

On 16 & Pregnant, you’ll find info on your pregnancy choices: parenting, abortion, and adoption. Parenting a child when you’re still in your teens can be pretty hard, so it’s important for you to learn all you can about what it’s like. It’s your body and your choice, but know that there are physical and emotional risks to abortion. With choosing open adoption, you can choose who adopts your baby and keep in contact with them.

This site has tips on telling people that you’re pregnant, like your parents and your boyfriend.

Learn how you can get the help you need right now, where you’re at.

Read stories from teens who had an unplanned pregnancy, and what they ended up doing.

We can provide confidential help as you face these questions. You have decisions to make, and you are the one who will be the most affected by the choices you make.

There is hope. There is life after an unplanned teen pregnancy.
There are choices that you can be proud of!

You are not alone. We are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions about your pregnancy choices. Just call or text us anytime, even right now!