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Dear Jewelz,
I just found out my bff is 4 months pregnant and wants me to help her get an abortion!? I don’t want to help her- I think it is wrong. I was adopted and am glad my mom didn’t abort me. What can I say to her or where can I get her help? We are both 15.
– Staci
Ask her to think about her baby more than herself (in a nice way) and ask her “don’t you want this baby to have the best life he/she could have?” Tell her how you feel about being adopted, hopefully she’ll reconsider. Here is where she can get some help: Pregnancy Help Online and Lifetime Adoption Good Luck hun.
– Jewelz
Dear Jewelz,
I found out I was pregnant the day before my 16th birthday. By BF wanted me to get an abortion. He was abusive in every way possible since the beginning of our relationship. Sexually, Physically, and Mentally. At first I was going to keep my baby, but through a lot of help and soul searching I decided I couldn’t do that to him, I didn’t want this little boy to become like the father. I chose adoption and have an open adoption. I have a Facebook page and his parents send me photos that I want to put up but I don’t want to take the chance my old BF will see them, tell me if you think I should put them up anyway.
– Molly, 16
Wow, sounds like a tough situation but you did the right thing, I’m proud. Just put your Facebook on private and delete him so he cant see them. It may be hard to delete him if you two are friends now but its for the best. I’m sure you still have his cell number in case you need to talk to him or anything. Hope I helped.
– Jewelz
Dear Jewelz,
I have a question. I have a 22 month old son; I think it best he is placed with a family that can provide a good home and security for his future. My question is, will I have to get my own lawyer for his adoption and pay for it; I don’t have money for any thing?
– Danielle
You will not have to pay for any legal expenses yourself. The adoptive parents you choose should provide you with an attorney in your state. I would recommend you speak to an adoption coordinator at 1-800-923-6784 about this to help you feel better. There are tons of families that would be happy to help you find what you need and want in parents for your son. Try Lifetime Adoption too!
– Jewelz

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