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452607341Reading other teen’s stories may help you as you consider your options and make a decision about your baby.

Let’s be honest, women don’t plan on choosing adoption for their children. You aren’t right here, right now because you want to be a “birth mother.” You need help and want information. You need to learn more about the choices you have with adoption.

An unplanned pregnancy is not the end. In fact, it can be the beginning of a beautiful life for both you and your baby.

And, believe it or not, adoption can help you both with solid futures full of opportunity and hope.


unplanned pregnancy

Megan’s Story

“I got pregnant when I was only 15…I was terrified to tell my mom, but then the day came when I couldn’t zip up my pants any more and she found out.

I didn’t have baby things or the money to buy them. I didn’t have a job, heck I hadn’t even finished high school. I think that is when I really started to consider my choices…So, I was thinking about adoption…”
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Kelly’s Story

“My mom can raise my baby,” is what one girl said. She was very serious and very nonchalant about it. To me, it sounded so selfish. I just couldn’t get with that way of thinking.

Then, it happened. I got pregnant. I chose adoption. I know my life is going to be better because of my decision and I know that this baby’s life will be better, also. I’m proud that I took responsibility for my actions.
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unplanned pregnancy
unplanned pregnancy

Lizzie’s Story

“Taking care of my baby is really hard–my mom started help with me in the beginning, but she had to go back to work… All I do is take care of my baby and if I’m lucky I get some sleep. I love my baby but I don’t think I can do this on my own much longer.”
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Jessica’s Story

Fourteen years old and pregnant didn’t feel so great, but it was my reality. So, what did I do? I did what people suggested. I got rid of it. I had an abortion and I went on.

Then, the condom broke and guess what. There I was again, facing this same situation. So, I did what I knew to do. The second abortion was physically more traumatic for me. I can’t have another abortion.
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unplanned pregnancy
helping friend with unplanned pregnancy

Helping A Friend With Adoption

Do you have a friend who’s thinking about adoption?
Get advice here on how to help her…

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