If I put my baby up for adoption, will she think I didn’t love her?

bf-gf-pregnant-twinsQ: I’m sixteen and my bf is seventeen…I’m almost five months pregnant with twins we are really scared and don’t know what to do. I cant tell my parents, they would kick me out.

I wouldn’t want to give them up for adoption, what if they were separated or thought that we didn’t love them?! What if the adoptive parents brought them up to not know about me and my bf? I think im too far along to have an abortion; after reading stories of other girls and their experiences, we both feel we couldn’t do it…

However, we have seriously been considering trying to abort the babies or break my water ourselves. ive heard of girls doing that it seems like a quick fix right now…we are panicking a lot!

A: You have done the right thing by seeking out help, and your desire to find your children safe and loving parents is very admirable. While it is understandable that your parents may be disappointed with you being in an unplanned pregnancy situation, they would never want you to hurt yourself. Trying to abort your children on your own could end up costing you more than your babies…it could cost you your life, and none of you deserve that.

You have options and you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are willing and able to provide young women and couples with answers, help, and a hand of compassion to guide them in a time when they feel great despair. With your pregnancy being advanced, one real option is definitely adoption. Plus, you, as the birth parents, are treated with dignity and respect. In fact, through the adoption process, you are ones the that selects who you feel will make the best possible parents for your children.

An adoption counselor can give you exactly the support that you need to best face this situation. We all make mistakes. An adoption counselor will speak with you, listen to you, and do their best to help you to see how a situation with a rough start could turn into a blessing for you, your children, and potentially a new loving family. You can contact nationwide adoption center Lifetime Adoption to start an adoption plan for your babies: their number is 1-800-923-6784. Call or text them any time, even right now!
Expecting twins is an amazing gift. Two babies that have been born together should stay together. There are so many families that would love to welcome two babies into their lives. So, Lifetime Adoption never separates twins.

If you decide to pursue adoption as an option, an adoption counselor will explain why we do not separate twins, how you can receive free prenatal care, and additional financial support to cover pregnancy related expenses throughout the process. The adoption counselor will also discuss the different types of adoption, including the option of open adoption, which would allow your child to know and/or contact you and your baby’s father.

Help is here and willing to counsel you through this situation. You are a very loving and caring person that wants the best for your unborn children. This unplanned pregnancy does not have to be the end of your life. Get help now. Visit Lifetime Adoption or give them a call or text us any time, even right now! 1-800-923-6784

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