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A Letter from Clayton & Sarah

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us – we’re excited to get to know you too. We became parents through adoption six years ago and we’re excited to be on the journey again as we prepare to welcome another child into our family! We hope to show you who we are, what our life looks like, and how excited we are to share our hearts and love for life’s everyday moments with a second child. Open adoption has already blessed us in so many ways and we welcome a connection with you as your child grows.

Our Story

A guy from Texas and a girl from Ohio: We met and began dating during college and have been inseparable ever since. Now we’ve been married for 10 years! Though we grew up in different states, we have a lot in common. Our similar sense of humor, love for coffee and good food, and dedication to our faith keeps us connected and constantly learning and laughing together.

We were blessed to become parents to our daughter, Aubrey, through open adoption. Our days now are filled with living room dance parties, splash pads, legos, and playdates and we wouldn’t change a thing! As we look ahead to becoming a family of four, we’re so excited for all the sweet little moments that come with a new baby, and we can’t wait to see the sibling bond that develops between Aubrey and our future child.

Meet Clayton (by Sarah)

Clayton is a fun, caring, and involved dad and a natural protector and provider for our family. He is kind, smart, and really funny. He can do a spot-on “Piglet” voice from Winnie the Pooh (it’s hilarious!), makes me laugh until I cry, and he makes me feel loved every day. He’s a hard worker who always does his absolute best. Whether he’s teaching, cooking, mowing the grass, or helping out a friend, he gives his all in everything he does.

Clayton sings and plays the guitar (he will gladly teach our next child an instrument if they’re into music!). He also loves working outside to make our yard a beautiful place to play, relax, and invite friends and family into. Aubrey likes to follow him around the yard as his gardening helper. They share a sweet, special bond, and I know he’s excited to bond with our next child. He can’t wait to have another little helper in the kitchen or with projects around the house and to play at the park with!

Meet Sarah (by Clayton)

Sarah is an incredible mom who amazes me daily by the love, sacrifice, effort, spirituality, and intentionality she puts into life. She loves making memories with our daughter and finding places to explore together around our city. Cuddling up on the couch with a book, playing in the back yard, and just being present each day to watch them grow and develop are some of the things I know she’ll continue to share with our next child.

In addition to being a great mom, Sarah is an amazing wife. She knows just what to say to encourage me and reminds me of truth when I need it most. She makes me a better, wiser man, daddy, and pastor. She makes me laugh like no one else can (we have a lot of random, inside jokes after 10 years together!). Sarah is my confidante, morning coffee date, and best friend. She makes my life abundantly sweet.

Our Daughter

Our daughter, Aubrey, is pure joy. She is funny, generous, compassionate, has a huge imagination, and loves her family fiercely. We adopted her at birth and have been blessed to share a sweet, ongoing relationship with her birth mom and extended family. We all stay connected through texts and visits. Aubrey is in kindergarten at a nearby private, Christian school. She is THRILLED to become a big sister and is excited to teach a sibling everything she knows, like how to ride a scooter, her amazing dance moves and building with Magna-tiles.

Our Home and Pup

Our home is a three-bedroom brick ranch with a full basement and fenced backyard. We have a swing set in our back yard and a park within walking distance that we like to ride scooters and bikes to when it’s sunny. Our home is in a safe, quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. We view our home as a gift and try to use it to bless others. We love to have people over for dinner and game nights, and you’ll often find us hosting playdates, holidays, and get togethers with new and old friends.

We share our home with a loving little 10-pound Yorkie named Piper. She’s been in our family since she was a puppy. She is incredibly gentle with our daughter and other kids who come over. We love having her in our family!

Our Promise

We will be honest with your child about how he or she came to be a part of our family and will always speak of you with love and respect. We will honor the amount of contact you’d like to have throughout your child’s life. Please know that he or she will grow up in an emotionally and financially secure home full of love. They will have the opportunity to attend college, if that is their desire, and will be supported to pursue his or her personal interests and career goals. Our home and family will be filled with faith, laughter, togetherness, and lots of good food! We promise that your child will grow up provided for, loved, and fully accepted by us.

We’d love to talk with you! Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Clayton & Sarah

  Clayton Sarah
Our EducationMaster's DegreeBachelor's Degree
Our ProfessionsSenior PastorStay-at-home mom, part-time copy writer (remote)
Stay-At-HomeNo (but has Fridays off!)Yes
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian, Middle Eastern
Some of Clayton & Sarah's Favorites
Late night snackPopcornCold Stone ice cream
Hot drinkAll coffee, especially pour-over coffeeSpicy chai tea
Childhood movieJurassic ParkThe Secret Garden
CandySkittles, gummy bears, peach ringsChocolate covered anything
Thing to bakeHomemade cinnamon rollsPeanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Childhood memoryThe first (and last!) time I saw it snow in my hometown in south TexasCanada family vacations, irish dancing with my sister, Christmas traditions
Travel memoryGoing to Bosnia with SarahVisiting my brother & his family in Puerto Rico
More About Our Family
In our family...

- We love an unplanned adventure day
- We take an interest in whatever our kids are into (currently: princesses, unicorns, ice skating, and Bluey)
- We value education and cultivating a love of learning
- We use our home to welcome and bless others

As parents we will...

- Talk about you with love and respect
- Raise your child to be kind, confident, and generous
- Model faith in Jesus and a love for the church
- Encourage your child to pursue his or her dreams and interests
- Instill a love of learning and cultural diversity

Our Extended Family

We love to spend time with family as often as we can! We are very close to Clayton's parents; although they live in Texas, they make regular trips to visit us. We usually meet up with them for a vacation (last year was Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains in TN), and we try to visit them in Texas at least once a year.

Sarah has an older brother who lives with his wife in Puerto Rico. She also has two younger sisters, one who lives with her parents in Ohio and another who is married and lives nearby in Michigan. We visit with Sarah’s family often and are thankful to have a close relationship. Everyone is supportive and very excited about our adoption story. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents on all sides are looking forward to loving on and spending time with the next child we adopt!

Our Faith

Church involvement, Bible reading, unconditional love, prayer, hospitality, service, and generosity are weaved into our life and home in hopes of making it easier for our children to understand the character of the God who made them and loves them. Our goal as parents is to joyfully model what it looks like to know and follow Jesus. We pray that our kids will grow in their own, personal knowledge of God that leads them to their own faith in Jesus.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child







Any race

In Closing

We promise to love, protect, and share our faith in Jesus with your child. We will honor our commitment to you and your child, always. We will show them unconditional love and raise them in a safe, secure home full of joy, good books, good food, and laughter. As we have with our daughter, we will raise him or her to know and treasure their adoption story and to deeply appreciate you and the choice you made to place them into our family. We would love to get to know you and to talk about how you picture your child's adoption!

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