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A Letter from Neil & Lindsay

Hello from Florida!  We are Neil and Lindsay! Thank you for considering our family of four for your child. We know first-hand the joy of adoption and have prayed and planned for the next beautiful addition to our family.  We love being an active family and like to serve those around us.  We are devoted to the Lord and try to live authentically as Christians while steering away from just living by a set of strict rules.  We teach our kids to be compassionate and non-judgmental of others and we look forward to teaching the same to your child.

About Us!

We met at our church and have been married for 13 years now.  We have two children: Hailey, 16, and Sammy, 4. We adopted Hailey 8 years ago and had Sammy through IVF four years ago. We are a very active Christian family and love to spend time outside, kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, camping, and going to theme parks!  We both enjoy spending time at home, watching movies, reading books together, playing music, swimming in our pool, playing games, and taking care of our home. We love having friends over and always enjoy going to visit them. We look forward to having another member of our family to share in our fun and our love for each other. Sam will be a great big brother and Hailey will continue to be the wonderful big sister that she is.

About Neil

Neil works as a molecular biologist on bio-pesticides.  Neil loves music and taught himself how to play guitar when he was young and has since learned to play most instruments.  He likes recording his own and others’ music.  He is a natural people-person and is always the life of the party.  He is Godly, very smart,  funny, has a strong sense of morality, and loves to try new things.  He’s spontaneous, enjoying the moment, and is a devoted husband and dad.  Family is truly important to him.  He often arranges his schedule to maximize his time at home.  He loves playing games, going on rollercoasters, fishing, taking part in Escape rooms, scuba diving, and being around people. Neil is very much looking forward to having another child to love and with whom his passions for music.

About Lindsay

Lindsay is a professional bookkeeper and has a very flexible schedule so she can always be available for our kids. She loves holidays (especially Christmas!), being outside, reading, playing cards, dancing, painting, creating things, and decorating.  She likes talking about philosophical things, the “Whys and what-ifs?” of life, and hopes to instill in her children a desire to seek God for themselves.  She likes playing practical jokes, laughing, and making others laugh! Lindsay is an amazing mom and enjoys cooking home-made meals. When our friends, family, or co-workers are sick, she takes them meals and offers to help out in any way she can. She loves playing with our kids and loves getting them outside. Lindsay always encourages our kids and their natural gifts. She is excited to nurture our next child and watch them grow!

Our Kids and Family

Our daughter, Hailey, was adopted in 2014 and is now 16! and is an amazing big sister! She is an active member of our church’s youth group, loves riding horses, and loves driving! Hailey is a member of a singing group with Neil called “Compassionate Music Singers”. They travel around to Hospice and Memory Care facilities and sing to elderly people. She is a great big sister!

Our son, Sammy, is 4 years old. He is definitely the “ham” of our family, often seeking all our attention to show off. Sammy is very disarming and easily makes friends. He loves Peppa Pig, playing outside, driving his truck (battery-powered) and swimming. He will adore a new addition and be a wonderful big brother.

We have a wonderful extended family.  We trek up to Michigan several times a year and always try to make our annual family reunion at a campground in Michigan each summer.  Our parents love to visit and do as often as possible.  They love to dote on our kids and help to teach them important life lessons.

Our Home in Florida

Our brick home has five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and lots of room both inside and out. Our favorite thing about our house is that it feels like a haven. We have five acres that are in a small, quiet community, and practice hospitality to our friends and neighbors. We have a room ready just for your baby, too! We are about an hour away from the ocean and just a few minutes from beautiful rivers and springs.  We have a dune buggy, a fort/playground, a pool, and bicycles. We have a detached additional building on our property that serves as a shop for our lawnmower, toys, and music studio. We love to play music together and play everything from hymns to rock and roll!! We have lots of instruments (drums, pianos, lots of guitars, violin, xylophone, and more).

Our Promise

We promise to love your son or daughter unconditionally.  We will guide, listen to, teach, protect, and always seek the best for him or her. We promise to make sure they are educated, prepared for the real world, and have opportunities to explore their talents and interests. We promise to instill a desire to learn, compassion, self-control, and the value of a job well done in them as they grow. We promise to love him or her as our own and promise to honor you in word and action.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits. Know that we are praying for you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Neil & Lindsay

  Neil Lindsay
Our EducationMaster's degree in Molecular BiologyBachelor's degree in Christian Counseling
Our ProfessionsMolecular Biologist for the USDAPart-time Bookkeeper and stay at home mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Neil & Lindsay's Favorites
Favorite vacation spotPort St. Joe on the Florida CoastThe mountains!
Favorite movieAmadeus or Raising ArizonaForrest Gump, The Godfather, Star Wars, Lars and the Real Girl
Favorite Bible verse1 Corinthians 1:25Matthew 11: 28-30
Favorite thing to doPlay musicTalk with my friends and family about life
What is your favorite childhood memory?Cedar Point trip with my familyPlaying with my cousins
Little-known facts about you?I have tagged over 100 sharks.I did a front brake job on my first car when I was 15.
Favorite TV showStar TrekStar Trek
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to share experiences with others. When people, whether it be family or friends, come to visit, we cook big meals, create a comfortable place for them to stay (if they're staying the night), and try to plan activities around what they'd like to do. We've arranged several trips for our guests to the Florida Keys, Disney, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Rainbow River, the beach, charter fishing trips, and several springs.

Our Faith

Our Christian faith is central to our lives and home. We live by example. We regularly pray and read the Bible as a family. We try to tailor our conversations to include Biblical wisdom about current events. We try to live authentically and aren't afraid to admit when we're wrong and teach our kids to do the same. Lindsay is teaching the Lord's prayer to the children and how to use it as a format for daily prayers.

Our Musical Interest

We are very musically inclined. Neil writes music and can play most instruments. Hailey is a singer. We both are taking singing lessons to improve our skills and collaborate on songs together often. We are part of a singing group that sings to Hospice patients. Our musical interests range from Opera to Rock.

About Our Home

Last Christmas, we had some friends come over, one of whom brought his brother who was from New York. After being at our house for a few hours, our friend's brother turned to us and said that there was so much love in our house and that he felt very welcome. It was the best compliment anyone could have given us.
We want our house to be a refuge and welcoming to everyone that walks through our doors. Our five acres looks like a wooded park, with lots of trees and shade but also some open places with enough room to play sports. We have a brick house that is in an L-shape around our pool in the back. The pool is fenced in and we have two porches with areas to sit and chat. Our living area is a large room with a fireplace and our kitchen has a bar that looks out to the dining area. Sammy and Hailey have their own rooms and we have a room all ready for a new addition to our family! The kids have swings, a sandbox, a trampoline, and a fort in the back. We also have a detached garage that houses our music studio. We have lots of instruments and recording equipment.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years


Yes, we are open to twins.


We have no preference.

Sibling Group

We are open to a sibling group with the oldest up to 4 years old.

In Closing

We promise to love your child as our own. We will cherish and always seek the best for him or her. We promise to teach them in the ways of the Lord, to support their hopes and dreams, and to set them on the best path to fulfill the plan that God has for him or her. We will honor you and teach him or her to do the same. If you so desire, we welcome an ongoing connection with you. May God bless you and keep you.

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